How Much More is Life Insurance for Smokers?

By Vicki Coleman

Life Insurance for smokers can vary, if you smoke or vape you will find that you may pay higher premiums than those who don’t for the same cover amount.

Is Life Insurance more expensive if you smoke?

Unfortunately, the simple answer to this is yes. Those who smoke or vape will find that they will pay higher premiums, which is why it is important to compare life insurance quotes. That’s where we can help. Although as a smoker you’re likely to pay higher premiums, we’re here to help you compare quotes online so you can see what options are available to you from leading providers.

Can I get Life Insurance if I smoke?

This will depend on your insurer. It is unlikely for a smoker's life insurance to be declined solely because they smoke, but it could be if you smoke excessive amounts, you've been smoking a long time or have experienced health implications as a result.

Smokers will often find they will pay a higher price compared to a non-smoker for the same amount of cover.

Why does smoking affect Life Insurance?

The reason smoking increases the cost of your premium is because of the known link between smoking and several health problems. We’re sure you’re already aware of the list of health problems associated with smoking so we’re not going to list them all, however according to GOV.UK, smoking is a leading cause of preventable death in the UK.*

It’s no secret that smoking can increase your chances of heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and multiple types of cancers. Therefore, due to the increased risks of smoking to your health and the impact on policy claims, the premiums are more expensive compared to someone who doesn't smoke and lives a healthier lifestyle.

Does vaping count as smoking to insurance companies?

Simply put, Yes.

Most insurance companies will class you as a smoker if you have smoked or used any nicotine or nicotine replacement products in the last 12 months. This includes, but is not limited to vaping, using nicotine patches or gum.

To be classed as a non-smoker from an insurance perspective, usually, you will need to have stopped smoking, vaping, or using any nicotine or nicotine replacement products completely for at least 12 months. Stopping smoking for good, can bring down the cost of life insurance premiums, as well as improve your general health.

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